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SouthShore Windsurfing & Kiteboarding

Maui Sunset

The Maui Sunset is the best location to stay and sail Kihei from the condo.   Last year I sailed with a couple guys from the SF Bay that windsurfed for an hour, left their gear on the shore as they sat in the Jacuzzi, then went back to sail some more!  Does it get any better?!

Maui Sunset sits on a public park offering one of the few launch sites in Kihei.  You can rig off your lanai, and walk your gear to the water.  

Winds are side-shore and waves typically fairly small.  Winds come across the island before hitting the water, so the swell is moderate to light.  I often sail 3-5 foot swell on the outside in 20-25 knot winds (April conditions).

The Maui Sunset can be sailed in most conditions, with the exception of full low tide.  There is a reef to the south end of the launch that is exposed in low tide.  Be sure to stay well clear of this if you wish to keep your fin in tact (fin-savers recommended if sailing marginal tides).

Kiteboarding South-Shore

The park at the Maui Sunset offers one of the few places open enough for kite launching in Kihei.  Kites are typically launched in the park, and walked into the water.  There are palm trees along the water, but spacing is adequate for clearance in between.  There are a couple companies offering windsurfing and kite-surfing lessons from the park.  I believe Action Sports teaches from there regularly.

Whale Watch Center Windsurfing

There is a small group that sails from the Maui Whale Watch center in Kihei.  Conditions are similar to the other Kihei launches, with a little more wave/break.  If you have not sailed there, be sure to get the inside scoop before venturing out.  There are shallow reefs and obstacles you NEED to know about.

I've sailed the Whale Watch center, but never launched there.  I came off the Maui Sunset and worked upwind to join the windsurfers from this location.  One  interesting thing about this site is the sea-turtles that are regularly seen near the buoy.  Although normally not an issue for windsurfers, losing fins due to sea-turtle encounters can be an issue. 

As this site is similar to others, my recommendation is to pass on this and sail the more regularly used launch sites. 

Kihei Public Windsurf Park

There is a public park about a mile North of Maui Sunset where most people launch to sail Kihei.  There is a good rigging area, and easy launch.  Park use if free and there is a public restroom.  

There is a shallow reef there, but even at low tide it does not appear to be an issue.  If sailing really low tide I recommend asking the regulars to get the onsite information on reef conditions.  From my experience as long as you stay upwind you will clear the reef in most (if not all?) tidal conditions. provides Maui travel information including things to do, where to stay, Maui for Kids, and windsurfing and kiteboarding information. 

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