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North Shore Windsurfing


Kanaha is one of the most popular locations for visitor windsurfing and kiting.  This location offers an excellent rigging location, easy beach launch, and easy to moderate ocean sailing.  

There are  wave areas just above or below the main launch so you can chose the level of waves you are comfortable with.  

Winds are typically side-shore so launching and getting back is easy.  Check out for the conditions, and wind history.

A lifeguard is onsite during the normal sailing hours.  The lifeguard has a jet-ski for water rescue, but if you breakdown do not count on them racing to the rescue.  They are there for physical safety so if you are not in physical risk, they will let you find your own way back.

If you are staying at the Maui Sunset condos, Kanaha is approximately 15-20 minutes away.  

Kanaha park is located immediately behind the main airport.   Many of the windsurf shops are just in town around there. 

Kitesurfing is done at the lower Kanaha beach.  There is typically no mixing of windsurfers and kitesurfers at Kanaha.     

There are multiple shops for windsurf and kiting gear.  I typically use Hawaiian Island Surf and Sport, but have also used Second Wind windsurf gear.  Most places have comparable rates, so you may want to shop around to a place offering the type of gear you want to sail.  


There are a number of sites along the coast between Kanaha and Hookipa for sailing; most of these from places in Sprecklesville.  Conditions range from those of Kanaha (limited break/waves), to more challenging areas farther toward Hookipa.  

I have traveled the coast, but launches are limited and many are from private resorts.  I have never sailed this area.  If you have any information and/or photos to share, please send them in and I will include them in this site. (


Hookipa is one of the more popular challenging locations to sail.  If you are not extremely comfortable in the waves, I recommend sailing the other sites as this location can be unforgiving.





Whether you chose to sail there or not, definitely plan a trip to Hookipa to watch.  When the winds are up some of the worlds best windsurfers will put on an aerial display well worth the trip.  






 provides Maui travel information including things to do, where to stay, Maui for Kids, and windsurfing and kiteboarding information. 

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