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 Maui Oceanfront Condo Rental

Rates  $89 to $119

Ocean-front accommodations.

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was established to provide a Maui condominium vacation rental direct from the owners. Our goal is to provide whatever information is necessary for our Maui visitors to plan and enjoy Maui to the fullest.

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Financial Models

Building Successful Teams


Financial Analysis Models

The following information and files are provided for conducting financial analysis of investments in stocks and options.  All models are free to use, but come with no guarantees or support.

Note:  Most of the Excel models use Macros to perform specific tasks.  If your Excel security is set to "High", Macros will be disabled and these worksheets will not function properly.  You can reset your security to "Medium", and Excel will prompt you to allow Macros when the worksheet is opened.   

Binomial Tree - This worksheet provides a 30-level binomial tree analysis for pricing of American CALL or PUT options.  

A Monte Carlo simulation is also included that can be run to compare results against the binomial model results.



Black-Scholes Option Analysis - This is a pretty elaborate portfolio analysis spreadsheet design to look at various combinations of stock and options.  The model supports graphing of initial, intermediate, and end of life results for option investing.  There is also a simulation page to create a future stock price to see how the portfolio would have performed.  A brief help document is available here: Option Investing Instructions


Graduate Conference Documents
Playing the Odds with Black-Scholes Abstract.

Playing the Odds with Black-Scholes Presentation (1.65M pdf).

Management Articles
Building Successful Teams provides an introduction to assembling and managing project development teams for optimal performance. provides Maui travel information including things to do, where to stay, Maui for Kids, and windsurfing and kiteboarding information. 

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